• 100% Essential Oil

    100% Essential Oil (13)

    Natural scents to inspire your life, Let the essence of plants and owers imbue your home with their fragrance. Our essential oils are extracted directly from nature for the cleanest and most potent scents. Essential oils have been used for centuries to help relax, uplift, invigorate, and purify. Continue this healing tradition in your own home today: choose from our…
  • Clean

    Clean (2)

    Natural Products for a Better Life. Keep all the rooms of your house looking, smelling, and feeling amazing with our line of cleaning products. MojiClean combines the best of nature and chemistry to create safe, effective ways to clean and deodorize your entire home. From all-purpose cleaning to deodorizing, MojiClean products use the power of natural essential oils to create…
  • Devices

    Devices (5)

    In today’s hectic and stressful world, the AirMoji provides a solution to help you breathe easier. We offer the latest in innovative technology and design – providing custom fragrances with subtle sophistication. The sleek and simple AirMoji is the next step in fragrance infusion. Our wicks are saturated with custom fragrances designed for you and imported from Europe. Both our…
  • Fragrance Pod

    Fragrance Pod (57)

    The luxury of fragrance With over 35 years of experience, we have mastered the art of fragrance. Let us tantalize your senses by making your home a desirable gathering place for all to enjoy. Whether it is the scent of cookies in the oven, clean fresh linen from the clothesline, or the lingering scent of coconut from a vacation in…
  • light strength

    light strength (10)

    perfect for your car, office desk, cupboard, a window in the bathroom/toilet
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