Fragrance Pod

The luxury of fragrance With over 35 years of experience, we have mastered the art of fragrance. Let us tantalize your senses by making your home a desirable gathering place for all to enjoy. Whether it is the scent of cookies in the oven, clean fresh linen from the clothesline, or the lingering scent of coconut from a vacation in the tropics, MojiLife has tailored just the right fragrances to make your home inviting and memorable. What comes to mind when you think about the MojiLife Pod? Universal, versatile and eco-friendly, the Pod does it all! MojiLife is committed to quality and convenience. A pod will last up to 60hrs in the airmoji, weeks for the little mini if it’s not in direct airflow. Eco-friendly means throwing the plastic part in the recycle bin and pop the recycled cork in your garden.
QUALITY Fragrances and Essential Oils combined with the CONVENIENCE of the AirMoji, MojiMini, or the new M3 is the perfect combination.

The Diversity of the Pod:

AirMoji + Your Favorite Seasonal Fragrance = Instant Holiday Spirit
M3 + Poolside, White Sands and Tahitian Sunset Pods = Tropical Vacation!
Moji Mini + Oregon Coast + Your Car = Your friends are asking
“What smells SO good?”

AirMoji + Lavender Essential Oil Pod = Instant feeling of calm
MojiMini + Air+Mood Essential Oil Blend + Your Nightstand = Wake up feeling rejuvenated

The possibilities and combinations are endless. Enhance the atmosphere and mood of virtually any space. From your kitchen, bathroom, family room or bedroom to your office, car or gym bag, the Pod can go anywhere YOU go!

What is your favorite combination?

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