Jens Story

Jennifer Blake (owner/operator) of Mojilife Australia (formally Mojilife Styles) is an independent distributor for MojiLife. Independent Distributor No. 4532. Jen is a Mojilife founding member for Australia

Let me share my story. I am married to a wonderful man, a selfless, kind-hearted and extremely patient man. Together we have 4 adult children and 1 gorgeous grandson.

Mojilife found me at a time in my life that I really needed it. I had to give up my salon work as I underwent a double mastectomy. That was August 2017. Its funny life works sometimes. I wasn’t ready to give up my home salon duties, however, for a while, I had no option. A few months went by and I couldn’t stay away. While building my mojilife business, I went to work 2 days a week for a friend, helping out in her salon. This wouldn’t last long.

You see, I have lived in pain for quite some time but I always found a way to manage. May 2018, my world came crashing down. My chronic pain became debilitating. I spent three weeks in hospital. I was shattered. I missed the celebration of us moving into the first home that we purchased. I couldn’t look after my grandson and my husband, bless him, he had to do everything. I felt like I was a failure, a burden. I had a few very dark low months. I had even turned my back on my mojilife business. I had lost all of my confidence. You’re probably wondering why I am telling you all of this. well, it is not to sympathy that’s for sure.

I had to remember MY why

and where I was in life before I was hospitalized.
You see, I was Australia’s top leader when I was hospitalized and I felt that was letting down a lot of people.
Then I realized that the whole idea that mojilife came into my world is because I had willed it, prayed for it or as some would say put it out to the universe. Mojilife is my perfect business. I can run my business from a hospital bed as I did through my mastectomy. I can run it from my camper trailer. I can run it from my lounge room couch where I spend a lot of my time.

Well, you can say, a girl found her mojo again because of mojilife. Well, not 100% true. My family has been patient and supportive. My moji family have been very supportive, visiting me, doing my job when I couldn’t. See that is one that I love about mojilife, it doesn’t matter who your upline business partners are or you downline business partners are, we all help, encourage and celebrate everyone wins, and when someone is down, we’re all there to help.

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